Coaching for Creatives

Are you ready to commit to your Inner Artist? Do you have a novel in you? Stories to be crafted, songs to be written, paintings to be rendered? What is holding you back from living your most creative life?


 You're here for a reason.

The time is now to embark on your creative path. It's time to release the emotional blockages and to get excited about your art--whether written, visual or performing. Making art is crucial to being your authentic self.

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What is Coaching for Creatives?

You are creative. Creativity is your birthright. It is part of human nature. In coaching, I use various tools to help release the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep you from your art. We dig deep in meaningful conversation, we explore and define what it is that you want, and we can even use hypnotherapy. I am an encourager and an accountability partner--to help you get where you want to go.

We will work one-on-one weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Together, we will develop specific steps for you to take until you are off and running on your own.

Who Uses Coaching for Creatives?

Anyone who wants to be more actively creative. Songwriters, novelists, short story writers, poets, painters, performers, makers of all sorts--and people who have always wanted to be any of the above.

Quote from Elizabeth Gilbert

We toil alone, and are accompanied by spirits.

This quote expresses the mysterious nature of inspiration, of being "in the zone."

The Courage to Create

The main thing holding most would-be makers from making things is: FEAR. 

Fear is at the root of writers' block. 

Fear is at the root of self-sabotage. 

Fear is at the root of procrastination.

 In short, Fear is at the root of all evil! 

Fighting the fear makes it even worse. What we resist grows stronger. Therefore, we learn to make friends with the fear, rather than resist it, and to go forward and create anyway.

To go forward is an act of courage.

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