The Human-Animal Bond

I work with people who are dedicated to animals

Pet Grief


Some say that pet grief is the deepest grief they have ever experienced. This can be the case when you are deeply bonded to your pet. 

I offer individual counseling to those suffering the loss of a cherished animal companion.

I have written a book (available on Amazon) to help people through the grieving process.

The Hinsdale Animal Cemetery sponsors the pet grief support group that I facilitate once a month.

Compassion Fatigue for Veterinary Professionals and Animal Rescue Workers


Those who work with or on behalf of sick and suffering animals and the occasionally difficult people that may come with them, and those who experience the deep sadness on not being able to save all the animals understand the stress and sometimes trauma that can occur. I'm here to listen and to help you work through it.

Animal Liberation Activists


Brave advocates for the unheard and defenseless experience a special kind of vicarious trauma and stress. I welcome your inquiries about how we might work together.